Five Projects Selected for Funding

Five projects were recently evaluated by SOAR committee members, and all selected for funding for work in 2018/19:

  1. Benjamin KietzmanDeveloping and testing  lead and mercury biosensors; a synthetic biology, Mentor: Dr. Hilde van Gijssel
  2. Cooper Folmer:  Evaluation of Age and Growth Rates of Smallmouth Bass, Pre and Post Construction of East End Devils Lake Outlet, Mentor: Dr. Casey Williams
  3. Ellen Margaret Anderson: Percent Occurrence of Historical Sample Size of Select Stream Fish of North Dakota, Mentor: Dr. Lauren Dennhardt and Dr. Casey Williams
  4. Ethan RassetFeeding Habits of Smallmouth Bass in the Sheyenne River, Mentor: Dr. Casey Williams
  5. Sarah Zacher: Uncovering the Silent Voices of the Past:   A History of the Fort Totten Boarding School, Mentor: Dr. Steven King

These students will join twenty seven previous recipients, each project evaluated using the SOAR-Scoring-Rubric.