Student’s SOAR Proposals due March 18, 2019

Five SOAR awards are available for project work during the upcoming summer and/or fall semesters, each providing a $250 materials budget and a stipend of $1,000.

Grappling with the details of a complex problem, refining techniques from similar works, innovating solutions, then reporting discoveries is at the essence of the research and artistry that the SOAR program supports.

VCSU faculty, many with national and international reputation encourage you to explore the possible, and we invite inquiries on partnering on your research or artistry project.

Generally project work extends through a semester, possibly the school year, students working say five or six hours per week.

Students often will travel to regional and national conferences to report their discoveries.

To participate: 1) conjure up a worthy project in a dialog with a faculty or staff member, 2) author a short proposal that describes the work you intend to complete in a specified time frame, and 3) submit that proposal on the SOAR website.

Have a look at a few  awarded project proposals to calibrate your approach.

All proposals must be submitted by 11 pm on Monday, March 18, 2019.

For answers to questions, please contact any members of the SOAR Advisory Council,, or; we look forward to reviewing your proposal.