Five Projects Funded for 2019/20

Five projects were selected for funding for research work in 2019/20:

  1. Spencer DorseySeasonal Migrations fo Smallmouth Bass in the Sheyenne River , Mentor: C. Williams
  2. Matthew LeinConstruction Management System Prototype for Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, Mentor: D. DeMuth
  3. Gabrielle MyersRejecting Environmental Science and Evidenced-Based Policy-Making , Mentor: L. da Vinha
  4. Ethan RassetDetermination of Age and Growth Rates of Northern Pike in Devils Lake, North Dakota via Sectioned Cleithra, Mentor: B. Anderson
  5. Ryan WharrySustaining Elite narratives of National Identify in a Time of Growing Diversification of American Society, Mentor: L. da Vinha

These students will join thirty one previous SOAR recipients, each project evaluated using the SOAR-Scoring-Rubric. SOAR projects are solicited in at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, the program incepted at VCSU in 2014.