2020 Request for Project Proposals

Have you been working on an idea that deserves more careful systematic development?

The Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program at VCSU is a faculty driven mechanism to encourage undergraduates to engage in innovative research or creative artistry projects.

Twice annually a call for proposals is broadcast to students inviting their identification of a faculty mentor and the submission of a five page proposal outlining their idea and work plan which can extend over a period of one year.

Just after the proposal deadline of midnight on November 1st, the SOAR Advisory Council will evaluate the submitted project proposals and announce the winners.

Student researchers are paid $1,000 and provided up to $250 for project materials.

“Research” can take on many flavors, for perspective review successful project abstracts at:

Reach out to a faculty member today to ask for their mentorship, and follow up with your proposal submission at:

Feel free to visit with any of the SOAR advisory council members for answers to any questions: