Request for Proposals for March 10, 2020

The Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program invites you to submit a proposal to conduct research alongside your favorite faculty member.

The work that you propose should be significant and advanced, generally requiring 100 hours of effort. In exchange, you will set foot on a path of discovery, have available $250 for supplies, and earn $1,000.

Start by having a look at what other VCSU students have done in past works, particularly the project abstracts so as to get a sense of scope, peruse a few sample proposals, and finally review the scoring rubric that our project reviewers will use to assess merit.

Then contact a faculty member of your choosing with your project idea, develop the proposal, submit the work at the SOAR Application Page  before midnight on March 10, 2020.

Any of the SOAR Advisory Council would be happy to assist you by answering related questions.

We look forward to reviewing your project proposal submission.