Projects funded from Spring 2020 RFP

Four projects were selected for funding for research work in 2020/21:

  1. Sage M. Longtin: Diatom-inferred water quality assessment of two basins in Lake Sakakawea, ND;  Mentor Sabrina Brown, Science Department
  2. Quinton Vonesh: An  Analysis on the Utilization and Optimization of Post Activation Potentiation for College Athletes; Mentor: Sarah Milner, Kinesiology and Human Performance Department
  3. Heather Lobley: Changing Keys, An investigation of the differences between the pianos of well-known composers and the modern piano; Mentor: Kenneth Jimenez, Music Department
  4. Breean Hanson: Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity and Abundance Depending on Habitat Within the Cottonwood Lake Study Area; Mentor: Bob Anderson