Call for Proposals Spring 2021

Are you a VCSU student who might enjoy working with a faculty mentor on a research or artistry project?

The SOAR program aim is to incentivize your bold ideas through a short term paid research position at VCSU.

Some ideas can be gleaned from past project titles: “No REZervations: Creating Navajo Pop Art,” “Feeding Habits of Smallmouth Bass in the Sheyenne River,” “Uncovering the Silent Voices of the Past: A History of the Fort Totten Boarding School,” “Entransed: The making of a transnational woman”, “Developing and testing lead and mercury biosensors; a synthetic biology approach,” or “The Internet of Pi.”

In any of these examples you’ll find that students worked with a faculty member of their choosing to develop and submit a short proposal to the SOAR Council for approval that resulted in an unforgettably impactful research experience.

Students are paid $1,000 for work that can span one or two semesters, and/or the summertime.

After reaching out to a faculty member with your research ideas, then developing a short proposal, follow this VCSU job link for ID 2924565 to submit your SOAR project request.

Project proposals are due in on Monday, May 3, 2021 by 11 pm.

Members of the SOAR Council are happy to entertain any questions you might have.