President Mason writes on SOAR

Undergraduate Research

VCSU also has an excellent undergraduate research program called SOAR, designed to encourage faculty-mentored research, artistry, and creativity projects for undergraduates.

Mentored by art professor Karri Dieken, students Cassy Gilbertson and Kaylee Johnson are developing a curriculum that will integrate 3D printers into elementary and secondary classrooms.

Another undergraduate, Maxwell Kollar, is working with health science professor Hilde van Gijssel to create a bacterial mercury sensor using synthetic biology. The project aims to develop bacteria that will display a blue color when it comes in contact with mercury. This will be utilized in several labs on campus and has the potential for water testing in the field.

Maxwell believes this project “…really helped me decide what path to take at VCSU. I feel I have found something I am passionate about. It has helped me greatly in solidifying my major and exposing potential career opportunities in the future.”

The amazing accomplishments of our wonderful students at VCSU are strong evidence of the way we live out our mission—preparing students “to succeed as educators, leaders, and engaged citizens in an increasingly complex and diverse society.” That’s why it’s a great day to be a Viking!

Excerpted from the March 16th, 2015 of the Hotline newsletter:

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