Dissemination, a Key Attribute

High impact learning practices such as SOAR are proven strategies for discovery, retention, and could become a component to recruiting students to academic programs at VCSU.

A goal of the SOAR program is to showcase the evolving culture of research, artistry, and scholarship that is integral to the student experience at VCSU.

All student work will be presented as a poster at a gala in the Spring of each year at VCSU.  Selected works will be presented at regional events.

With exemplar work faculty mentors will encourage publication in journals such as the American Journal of Undergraduate Research, and influence participation in national events such as the biennial meetings of the Council on Undergraduate Research.

In the future we hope to demonstrate projects worthy of technology transfer and/or patent.

An dissemination database is being developed to demonstrate reach: http://soar.vcsu.edu/?page_id=261