SOAR Awards Announced for 2015

The Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program was recently established at VCSU and implemented as a committee effort The SOAR program is announces its student awards for 2015 listed below:

  1. Tarah Cleveland with Dr. Iqbal, on “Investigating a new approach to web vistor engagement measurement”
  2. Logen Olesen with Dr. Kilgore, on “The use of sand fraction lithology analysis to differentiate sediment layers at an archeological sight in Grand Portage, Minnesota”
  3. Maxwell Kollar with Dr. van Gjissel, on “Creating a Bacterial Mercury Sensor using Synthetic Biology”
  4. Eric Schauer with Dr. Ketterling, on “Engineering an Autonomous Ecosystem for Use in Science Classrooms”
  5. Monika Brown with Mrs. Petherbridge, on “Entransed: The making of a transnational woman”
  6. Kaylee Johnson and Cassy Gilbertson with Mrs. Karri Dieken, on “3D Printing K-12 Project Curriculum”  

To review abstracts for each of these projects, visit:

Undergraduate research experiences often are a turning point for students, providing a unique learning experience that is active, creates knowledge, answers real questions, and is transferable to other situations, attributes that are commensurate with integrative STEM strategies designed for all students.

The mission of SOAR mirrors the model established by the Council on Undergraduate Research to “support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship” found at

More on the SOAR program can be found at

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