Ernst Represents North Dakota on Capitol Hill

Ernst Represents North Dakota on Capitol Hill

Representing North Dakota on Capitol Hill, SOAR recipient Niklas Ernst will present his research work as a poster for the 21st annual Poster on the Hill event in Washington, D.C.

Niklas completed work with Dr. Luis da Vinha, entitled: “The Unfinished Presidencies Why Incumbent Presidents Lose Their Re-Election Campaigns,” his work one of sixty research projects selected from hundreds of applications, and the only representative from North Dakota this year.

Faculty at Valley City State University are excited by Niklas opportunity to represent their campus and the State of North Dakota, noting that in the past ten years, only seven students have been in the position that he is in, and only once prior did VCSU send a delegate.

The event, sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research is competitive, giving students the opportunity to showcase their research to congressional members, meet with their representatives, and learn about advocacy for undergraduate research.

Students will present their research on April 26th from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Rayburn Cafeteria.

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