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 Student Opportunities for Academic Research

Proposal Cover Pages

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Use instead VCSU Job ID Link to submit your SOAR proposal.


Project Data

Enter the anticipated Start and End dates of your project work.

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Student Responsibilities

In the case that your project is deemed meritorious with recommendation for funding, your responsibilities will be:

  • Consultation with your mentor in the development and completion of this project proposal.
  • Track research effort as a spreadsheet that includes a brief overview of the work you completed in the associated time period.
  • Maintain a regular effort, limit any weekly work to 30 hours, and obtain approvals from your mentor.
  • Utilize the Web Clock, or Personal Action Form to receive payments.

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It would be helpful to us if you were to submit your proposal as a PDF and renaming any file(s) using a convention similar to the one illustrated below for student Ricki Lee:

  1. SOAR2021_Proposal_RickiLeeJones.pdf
  2. SOAR2021_Appendices_RickiLeeJones.pdf

Also appreciated, using filenames with no spaces.



Upload your proposal in advance of the announced submission deadline. If you encounter any technical problems with your document submission, email your proposal to David DeMuth in advance of the deadline.